Jazz Tunes and Teddy Bears

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Your name is NERVOUS BROAD.

Actually, that's not your name. The name you go by is NICOLE BEACH. This is not your name either, but your irrational PARANOIA has pushed you to go through a name change. You tell no one, absolutely no one your REAL NAME.

You are very new in town. This town will be your SIXTH home in the past YEAR. Your PARANOIA makes it difficult for you to stay in one place for long, and you often MOVE after about TWO MONTHS in one set place. If anyone asks, however, you simply claim you have a bad case of WANDERLUST.

You come from a LARGE and RICH family. Your FATHER is a very talented LAWYER and owns a very large LAW FIRM. He represents many national companies, although you can't remember the names for the life of you.

You, however, do not share the interests of your FATHER. Your DREAM has always been to land a record contract as a JAZZ SINGER. Unfortunately, you have not gotten very far in achieving your DREAM. You're starting to doubt if you ever will.

It is a chilly spring night and your medications are just starting to kick in.

What will you do?

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The next person in my character’s inbox owns them for 24 hours.

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